The Intellectual Property Attorneys Association (“IPAA”), an association of the IP practising attorneys of India, was established in the year 1996 with the sole purpose to spread awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights and to promote and enhance the awareness about the Intellectual Property protection in India. The IPAA is registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act.

IPAA is comprised of life members, honorary members and non-resident members and the membership is open to individuals practising in the field of IP and at present has strength of about 75 members who constitute the General Body. The General Body of the Association meet annually to discuss the issues concerning members and to take decisions on important policy and operational matters upon a vote of majority of the members present and voting. The Managing Committee of IPAA comprises the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Members which meets once in three months. The Managing Committee manages, controls and administers the affairs of the association and convenes the Annual General Body Meeting.

The work of the association relates to the specific areas of intellectual property laws only i.e. Trade Marks, Patents, Design & Copyright. In order to promote and encourage the innovation of the intellectual minds of the people in general and its members, to safeguard the national treasures and to make the people aware of the Intellectual Products registered under IP Law. The association has taken great efforts in organizing various interactive sessions with experts in different fields of IP laws.

Its main objectives are:

- To foster ties of mutual friendship and understanding among individuals and organisations practising the profession as IP attorneys through such ties to promote the protection of intellectual property in the entire country.

- To consider and discuss all issues concerning intellectual property laws of our country and also to protect the interests of IPAA and its members.

- To arrange informative events for its members and generally to promote knowledge of intellectual property laws.

The Association is doing its best to share IP related information and developments taking place in the field of Intellectual Property Laws in India with its members and is constantly remains in touch with the IP Dept. officials and also seeking adequate protection and under the IP laws.