President's Message

The Intellectual Property Attorneys' Association (IPAA) was founded in 1996 with the aim of serving the community of IP practitioners and the various participants in the IP regime of the country, from rights holders, to government officials; from attorneys and agents to policy makers. We aim to foster an environment where all players in the IP field are able to work in a cooperative and cohesive manner to further the development and understanding of Intellectual Property Law.

After having worked in the Intellectual Property field almost three decades, I have experienced the development of the law, the changes in the functioning of the entire IP machinery of the country, the phenomenal increase in awareness amongst businesses and the phenomenal increase in the number of IP practitioners. Correspondingly, the numerous challenges that are now faced by the IP community have also increased manifold.

I believe that the IP community by itself, through dialogue and consensus of all participants can resolve the various challenges facing the field. Particularly, certain problems, that require the consensus of various authorities and practitioners, such as questions regarding court fees, can only be addressed through a strong, representative organisations like the IPAA and we hope to be able to resolve these issues with the involvement of all concerned parties. The Association also hopes to address similar other challenges facing the community by engaging the community in open discussions and identifying issues and their solutions through regular participation of various stake holders.

Welfare of the community is amongst the highest priorities of the Association and steps to increase interaction between members and arriving at a consensus driven solution to the multitude of problems faced by attorneys and right holders. Another area where the Association is dedicated to devote its resources is in advocating and securing legitimate amenities and social justice from Government Ministries and authorities for ensuring highest standards of welfare for the community at large.

I look forward to the active participation of all members of the association to help the association to achieve these goals.

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